Collagen Satin Halter Dress

Collagen Satin Halter Dress

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A dress designed using satin fabric containing collagen.
  • コラーゲンで作られています

A dress designed with satin fabric containing collagen. The ribbons of the same fabric attached to the neck and back can be tied to adjust the dress to fit your body type and preferences. It is designed to hook over the hips, so it can be worn by slipping it over your hips. The minimalist design highlights the quality of the material, making it a piece that fits in with a relaxed mood.
*Cup included.

Size 0
Length 36"/93cm
Bust 39"/99.5cm
Hip 38"/98.6cm

Size 2
Length 37"/95.3cm
Bust 41"/102.2cm
Hip 40"/101.6cm

Size 4
Length 38"/97.7cm
Bust 42"/106.2cm
Hip 41"/105.6cm