Collagen Sleeveless Open Back Dress

Collagen Sleeveless Open Back Dress

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A lounge dress designed using fabric containing collagen.
  • コラーゲンで作られています

A lounge dress designed with collagen-containing fabric. The iconic long-sleeved open-back dress has been made sleeveless. The high waistline is also a distinctive feature.

Comes with a cup.

Size 0
Length 50"/127cm
Bust 30"/75cm
Waist 25"/64cm
Hip 30"/78cm

Size 2
Length 51"/130cm
Bust 31"/78cm
Waist 26"/67cm
Hip 31"/81cm

Size 4
Length 52"/133cm
Bust 31"/81cm
Waist 27"/70cm
Hip 33"/84cm

95% rayon, 5% polyurethane
When washing, please use a laundry net and avoid tumble drying. Due to the nature of the material, this product may become fuzzy or pill.