About: Collagen-Infused Fabrics

Determ; is unwavering in its sustainability commitment, emphasizing environmentally and ethically sourced materials such as our collagen-infused fabrics.

Our products cater to people's desires, ensuring longevity and avoiding excess stock.

Transparency is key in our supply chain, from sourcing to production, empowering customers to make ethical choices with confidence.

Collagen Wear

Good for your skin, good for the planet

Collagen-infused fabrics leverage the skin-loving benefits of collagen, a protein crucial for skin elasticity and hydration. These fabrics offer a unique blend of fashion and skincare, providing a nourishing touch to clothing that promotes overall skin health.

Environmentally Friendly: Our peptide amino acids are sourced from recycled fish scales, utilizing natural resource materials and contributing to reduced environmental pollution.

Moisturizing: Collagen fiber contains an optimal blend of collagen peptide amino acids and various amino acids, providing excellent moisture retention and delivering a natural skincare experience for the body.

Natural Deodorizing: Collagen-infused fabrics possess natural deodorizing properties, helping to neutralize odors and ensuring you stay feeling and smelling clean. The amino acids within our fabric effectively decompose and eliminate odors, allowing them to be naturally removed by water and wind from the air. Unlike fabrics that absorb odors, our collagen fiber avoids saturation issues.

Antibacterial: Collagen-infused fabrics come with antibacterial properties, inhibiting the growth of harmful microbes. This feature enhances hygiene, making them an excellent choice for garments that come into close contact with the skin.

Breathable: Collagen-infused fabrics strike the perfect balance between moisture retention and breathability. They allow air circulation, ensuring comfort and preventing that clammy feeling often associated with moisture-retaining textiles.

UV Protection: Collagen fiber has the capacity to absorb UVA and UVB rays, offering UV-Cut functionality to shield the skin from harmful ultraviolet light.

Refreshing Skin Comfort: Thanks to its exceptional moisture-retaining properties, collagen fiber offers a more refreshing and cooling sensation compared to standard fibers.

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