Collagen Stitch Jumpsuit

Collagen Stitch Jumpsuit

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A beautiful V-neck jumpsuit featuring stitched details at the bust and gathered shoulders.
  • コラーゲンで作られています
Made in Japan

This jumpsuit is designed using fabric containing collagen. The stitching design under the bust and shoulder gathers give it a determ;-like attitude.

It is made from collagen fabric obtained from discarded fish scales. Collagen fabric has many functions such as moisture retention, breathability, deodorization, UV protection, and sterilization. It moisturizes the skin, makes the fabric shiny when it touches the skin, and gives you a new sensation of wearing collagen.

Size 0
Length 41" / 135cm
Body width 14" / 36cm
Shoulder width 15" / 74cm
Sleeve length 24" / 62cm

Size 2
Length 42" / 137cm
Body width 15" / 38cm
Shoulder width 16" / 76cm
Sleeve length 25" / 64cm

95% rayon, 5% polyurethane

Due to the nature of the material, please use a laundry net when washing and avoid tumble drying. This product may become fuzzy or pill.