Collagen Back Ribbon Bodysuit

Collagen Back Ribbon Bodysuit

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This lounge bodysuit features a square neckline at the front and bow details at the back.
  • コラーゲンで作られています
Made in Japan

Lounge bodysuit designed with collagen-containing fabric. Long sleeves, square neckline, bow at back. No cups, but the back strap is designed to cover the back strap of a bra. Lined crotch with two-stage snap button.

This collagen fiber is derived from fish scales and is expected to have excellent functions such as moisture retention, breathability, deodorization, UV protection, and antibacterial properties. The moist and moist texture you feel when it touches your skin is unlike anything else, and you can experience a new sensation of wearing collagen.

95% rayon, 5% polyurethane.

Use a laundry net and do not tumble dry.
Due to the nature of the material this product is made of, pilling and fuzzing may occur.