Collagen Side Open Dress

Collagen Side Open Dress

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Dress with exposed sides of the waist with side drawstring tie hole cut out.
  • コラーゲンで作られています
Made in Japan

With flared sleeves and a skirt with a feminine silhouette, the skirt is tailored with plenty of fabric at the hem. This piece can be used as loungewear as well as for outerwear.

This item is crafted with Collagen fabric, derived from fish scales that go to waste. 
Collagen fabric has many functions that include moisture retention, breathability, deodorization, UV protection and sterilization. With extra skin moisturising, the fabric against the skin is lustrous, giving you a new sensation of wearing collagen.

Cups are included.

Size 0
Length 50" / 127cm
Body width 13" / 32cm
Shoulder width 18" / 46cm
Sleeve length 24" / 61.5cm

Size 2
Length 51" / 129cm
Body width 14" / 34cm
Shoulder width 19" / 48cm
Sleeve length 25" / 63.5cm

95% Rayon, 5% Polyurethane

Please use a laundry net when washing, and do not tumble dry.
Due to the nature of the material, this product may become fuzzy or pilling may occur.